The School Charter


 SUGAR VALLEY RURAL CHARTER SCHOOL (SVRCS) has been selected as the school name not only because it reflects the school's unique pastoral setting in central Pennsylvania, but also because it suggests the simple, close-knit and strong family and community values the school will promote.

Reference: Bylaws of the Sugar Valley Concerned Citizens, Inc.

1.1. Basic Facts About the School

School Opening: September 2000
Grade Levels: K-12Preschool ServicesAdult Education
Curriculum: Multiple Focus
Proposed 1997/1998 Enrollment: 350 students
Anticipated 2001/2002 Enrollment: 425 students
School Hours: 8 am to 3 pm.Possible extension after first year
School Calendar: 180 school days + 5 community in-service eventsPossible extension after first year.
Partnerships: Pennsylvania State UniversityArea Businesses
School Location: Loganton, PA - Serving two townships and one borough

1.2. Charter Applicant

The Sugar Valley Concerned Citizens Inc. (SVCC) is a grass-roots coalition of parents, educators and other community members with two decades of deep and abiding interest in the educational development of Sugar Valley's children. To ensure broad community involvement in the planning and implementation of the SVRCS, the SVCC served as the vehicle through which all charter planning was conducted and approved.

The Sugar Valley Rural Charter School will be a public school, funded by public monies and operated independently by a board of trustees under a charter from the Keystone Central School District board of directors or other education-related body authorized to grant charters. The SVRCS will be a nonprofit, nonsectarian entity and will be established either by converting the existing Sugar Valley School or by utilizing portions of the existing school along with other appropriate facilities.   The SVRCS will provide its student body the best possible education by focusing on academic disciplines in an atmosphere that affirms high academic achievement and, in so doing, offers the community true choice in public education. The founders of the Sugar Valley Rural Charter School believe that a "thorough and efficient" education is best accomplished through a rigorous curriculum that requires mastery of core knowledge and skills.