Enrollment is Easy!

Just follow these easy steps:


  • Determine your child's eligibility
  • Contact Us
    -Click here for the complete list of school contacts.
  • Fill out the required enrollment forms
  • Complete the H.E.L.P. Plan with your child and school counsellor
    -The Holistic Education Learning Plan is a plan for helping each student reach their maximum learning potential. Developed by the student, parent(s), and school staff, the Plan maps individualized learning styles and sets student goals.
  • Schedule your child's courses (grades 7-12 only)
    -Done at the school with scheduling staff. Parents are encouraged to participate in this process.
  • Complete the Volunteer Roster form
    -All parents at the school agree to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours of service per year to the school in activities that best suit their talents and skills. (see also Volunteerism in this web site)