Administration: The administrators of the Sugar Valley Rural Charter School which consists of an elementary head teacher, a secondary head teacher and a combined teacher/administrator.

Board: A seven member Board of Trustees of the Sugar Valley Rural Charter School.

Core Team: A team of seven responsible for the development of the SVRCS Charter.

KCSD: The Keystone Central School District. The geographically largest school district in Pennsylvania covering 1000 square miles in Northcentral Pennsylvania, primarily in Clinton County.

Stakeholders: Parents, students, school employees and involved community members who are affiliated with the Sugar Valley Rural Charter School.

SVAS: The Sugar Valley Area School. Operated as a K-12 public school until 1996 when it became a K-6 school due to school consolidation. Scheduled to become a K-5 or possibly K-3 school in 1999.

SVCC: A Corporation named the Sugar Valley Concerned Citizens, Inc. organized to operate exclusively for education-related purposes.

SVRCS: The Sugar Valley Rural Charter School. A proposed charter school designed to serve 350-425 students in grades K-12.