Parent Services

HELP Document - The Holistic Education Learning Plan is a document designed to target each student's needs. This document is developed in partnership with the parent, the student, and the student's teachers, and is reviewed yearly prior to scheduling courses. This document may also be reviewed more frequently as the student's needs warrant. Please contact the school for additional information or to set up an appointment to review your child's HELP document.

School Calendar - Available online at this website. Printed copies are available at the school's main office.

Enrollment Forms - These are available at the school. Please see the Enrollment Information section of this website for additional information.

Communications - Parents can communicate directly with teachers and administrators, initiate and participate in group discussions with teachers and other parents, and more by email or phone. Contact Lorma Weaver at the school for information.

Title I Services to Parents - Sugar Valley Rural Charter School offers services directly to all parents of students at the school receiving Title I services. This includes parent counseling, education, and resource loans. Parents may call the school at 570-725-7822 and speak to Krista Courter or Kristen Barzona for additional information.

The school has resources available for parents that may be acquired free of charge simply by contacting the school. A list of booklets is available on this website by clicking on the link below. This list is published here in Acrobat PDF format, which you may print out and save. (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read this file - click here to get Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Title I Resources for Parents, click here.

Student Support Services - Sugar Valley Rural Charter School offers a free and appropriate public education to Kindergarten through 12th grade students of all educational levels. Systematic screening activities are available to identify and evaluate students with disabilities. Our Special Education program meets the needs of exceptional students in the following developmental areas: physical, sensory, cognitive, language and speech, social/emotional and self-help. An Individualized Education Plan is developed to meet the specific educational needs of each disabled student to ensure academic success.


Volunteer Opportunities - please see the Volunteerism section of this website.