Math Curriculum


The mission of the Math department is to ensure all students receive a solid background in mathematics that enables them to reason with numbers, problem solve, measure in various units, and to understand and apply algebraic and geometric concepts.  We will provide students with the math skills necessary for career and post-secondary opportunities in the 21st Century society and economy.

The Math Program at SVRCS is designed to build knowledge, skill, understandings, and competencies aligned to the PA Core Standards for Mathematical Content and Practice:


2.1 Numbers and Operations

A) Counting and Cardinality

B) Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

C) Numbers and Operations—Fractions

D) Ratios and Proportional Relationships

E) The Number System

F) Number and Quantity

2.2 Algebraic Concepts

A) Operations and Algebraic Thinking

B) Expressions & Equations

C) Functions

D) Algebra

2.3 Geometry

A) Geometry

2.4 Measurement, Data, and Probability

A) Measurement and Data

B) Statistics and Probability


Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.
Model with mathematics.
Use appropriate tools strategically.
Attend to precision.
Look for and make use of structure.
Look for and make sense of regularity in repeated reasoning.

SVRCS uses the Everyday Math 4th edition to deliver core-aligned math content to grades K-5.  This program delivers appropriate grade-level content to build knowledge and competencies to meet PA Core Standard expectations.  The curriculum provides the foundations in number sense, mathematical operations, proportions, fractions, patters, geometry, measurement, data, and statistics so that they can move on successfully into the higher, more abstract disciplines in middle and high school.


SVRCS uses Glencoe Math ©2015 to deliver core-aligned content for grade 6, Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2.  The curriculum moves students towards and into the higher levels of math that are key to post-secondary study and careers in the 21st Century.   


SVRCS continues with Glencoe Math to deliver core-aligned content for Algebra 2, Geometry, and Trigonometry/Pre-calculus.  Calculus is offered using Brief Calculus: an Applied Approach from Cengage Learning.  These courses give student advanced knowledge and understanding of higher disciplines of mathematics.

SVRCS Mathematics Sequence

GRADE                                    COURSE                              COURSE NUMBER                 

Kindergarten               Math Grade K                                                 50010

 1st grade                     Math Grade 1                                                 50110

 2nd grade                    Math Grade 2                                                 50210

 3rd grade                    Math Grade 3                                                 50310

 4th grade                     Math Grade 4                                                 50410

 5th grade                     Math Grade 5                                                 50510

 6th grade                     Math Grade 6                                                 50610

 7th grade                     Math 7   or   Accelerated Math 7                   17002 or 17010

 8th grade                     Math 8 or Algebra 8                                       17001 or 17003

 9th grade                     Algebra I or Keystone Algebra                        17005 or 17905

10th grade                    Geometry or Keystone Algebra                      17025 or 17905

11th grade                    Algebra 2 or Trigonometry                             17006 or 17008

12th grade                    Trigonometry or Calculus or Math 12            17008 or 17009 or 17012