Graduation Requirements

Students must complete a total of 26 credits to be eligible for graduation.  These credits are broken down as follows:

English                                             4cr.

Mathematics                                     4cr.

Science                                            4cr.

Social Studies                                   4cr.

Wellness                                           2cr.

Art and Music                                    4cr.

minimum 1 credit of art and minimum 1 credit of music
ELECTIVES                                           4cr.

Each student must demonstrate proficiency as required by the PA State department of Education.

The four elective credits are courses of the student’s choice.  Those courses may come from any area of the curriculum or from independent study courses coordinated through the school administrators.

Seniors are required to have a completed portfolio to present at his/her exit interview. 

Seniors are required to complete a graduation project as outlined in the Senior Project Planning Book.  These books are distributed to students during the fall of their junior year.  These projects are presented at a mandatory Senior Project Symposium in the spring of each year.  All students presenting at Symposium are required to attend the event from the start time until the end time.  If any student violates this rule they will not be permitted to walk at graduation ceremonies.

Each student will walk at graduation only one time. If a student chooses to walk at graduation in June without having completed the requirements, that student is then considered to have “walked” the one time. However their diploma will be held until they meet all requirements. If a student does not meet his/her requirements by the start of the next school year, they are required to be on campus on the first day of school.  If student does not come to school, they will be considered a dropout after 10 consecutive days.  Once a student receives a diploma from SVRCS, they are considered graduated and thus responsible to fulfill their commitment to our charter’s mission of lifelong learning by pursuing their education beyond the SVRCS program.

 Grading Scale/Calculations
For students in grades 1-12, letter grades will be assigned to student marking period grades based on the following scale:
                Percentage                                    Letter Grade                       Point Value

93% to 100%                               A                                             4

86% to 92%                                 B                                             3

78% to 85%                                 C                                             2

70% to 77%                                 D                                             1

up to 70%                                    F                                             0

Final grades for grades 7-12 classes will be calculated using an average of their marking period and semester exam grades.The four marking period grades are each 25% of the yearly grade.

Example: A student earns MP grades of 86, 83, 92, 95.
                Mp1 x 25%:           86 x 0.25 = 21.5

                Mp2 x 25%:           83 x 0.25 = 20.75                                            

                Mp3 x 25%:           92 x 0.25 = 23

                Mp4 x 25%:           95 x 0.25 = 23.75


Final Course Grade = 356/4 = 89%